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Cleopatra (1999)
Film Details:  
Genre Historical
Director Franc Roddam
Country USA
Running Time 139 mins
Movie Release Date 5/23/1999
Leonardo DiCaprio Frank Abagnale Jr.
Tom Hanks Carl Hanratty
Christopher Walken Frank Abagnale, Sr.
The tale of Cleopatra has hit the screen in many guises, but none have succeeded as well as Cecil B. DeMille's 1934 film. Here, director Franc Roddam tries once again to tell the story of the exotic queen who won the hearts of both Julius Caesar (Timothy Dalton) and Antony, while reigning over a troubled country. But how do you tell such an epic in a mere 140 minutes? Obviously, much is left out, making this film more worthwhile as a pleasant diversion than a real history lesson.

Why "Cleopatra" is a VIP Film?
It is difficult to make a woman miserable while she feels worthy of herself and claims kindred to the great God who made her.

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