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The Greatest Mystery in the World
Og Mandino
During his career as an inspirational lecturer and bestselling author, Og Mandino made many friends around the world. One of the most cherished, who always held a special place in Og's heart, is Simon Potter, "ragpicker" and salvager of human lives - whom readers first learned to love in Og's book The Greatest Miracle in the World. In The Greatest Mystery in the World, we once again meet this wise and humble man.

For Simon, when he departs from life, leaves Og a precious legacy: the distilled wisdom of his unique collection of the greatest books about self-motivation and success - books he called "hand of God" books because they seemed to have been written with God's hand guiding the author's.

Product Details:
ISBN 0449225038
Publication Date: 1998
Nr of Pages: 180

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