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Zig Ziglar - Success and the Self-Image (2002)
You are what you think you are.

No one is better qualified to show you the secrets to developing a successful self-image than Zig Ziglar, a man who has overcome his own share of adversity to become one of the world's most popular and successful motivators.

Audio CD (Audiobook)

ISBN: 074352506X

Language: English
Genre: Business

In Success and the Self-Image, Ziglar tells you how to discover the secrets of creating and maintaining a positive self-image, including:
  • Identifying the characteristics of a poor self-image

  • Increasing your self-esteem

  • Creating healthy relationships

  • Linking success to the self-image

"You can change what you changing what goes into your mind," says Ziglar. And he proves it in a specific, point-by-point presentation that is as entertaining as it is inspiring.

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Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.
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