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Zig Ziglar - 5 Steps To Successful Selling (2002)
Sales success can be yours with Zig Ziglar's 5 steps to successful selling. Great salespeople are made, not born!

You've heard about "natural-born salespeople" -- those super salespeople who seem to perform intuitively and succeed effortlessly. In 5 Steps to Successful Selling, Zig Ziglar shows you that those success stories result from study and observation rather than inborn talent.

Audio CD (Audiobook)

ISBN: 0743520718

Language: English
Genre: Business

They are the result of mastering the art of selling. Now you can master those techniques and perfect your own selling skills – skills that will take you from being a good salesperson to being the best. A super slalesman himself, Zig Ziglar draws on his many years of experience to define and explain the keys to seccessful selling:
  • Prospecting: identifying who can and will buy

  • Presenting: knowing the product and showing it effecitvely

  • Closing: winning the sale

  • Follow-up: maintaining customer contact

  • Positive self-image: the foundation of sucsess in selling

After learning the 5 Steps to Successful Selling – whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran – you can't help but come away a better salesperson.

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