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Napoleon Hill - Your Right To Be Rich (2003)
From the audio archives of the Napoleon Hill Foundation - a series of classic lectures by Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill is the acknowledged master of motivational speakers. The principles and philosophy of success that he outlined in his masterwork, The Laws of Success, and his international bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, have served as the foundation for every motivational speaker since.

Audio CD (Audiobook)

ISBN: 193242900X
Language: English
Genre: Success

In these rare recordings you will hear a complete and thorough exposition of Napoleon Hill's life-altering philosophy of personal achievement. More than that, you will gain deeper insight into Hill's philosophy as you listen to him interpret and amplify the seventeen universal principles of success.

Best of all, these lectures are designed to motivate you and teach you the goals and strategies that will carry you to new heights of personal success:
• turn setbacks into a springboard to achievement
• generate attention for your ideas
• influence others and improve personal relationships
• define your true joy in life
• achieve financial success

Your Right to Be Rich is a working blueprint for a life of prosperity - an inspiring series of audio lectures that will give you powerful tools to achieve your dreams.

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