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David Bach - The Automatic Millionaire Home Study Course (2004)
In this audio program packed with how-to tips, best-selling author, David Bach, takes a personal approach to the insights he shared in The Automatic Millionaire. You'll be coached by David as though he's in your home, car, or office as he reveals even more strategies, secrets, and tactics that are guaranteed to help you turn an ordinary income into a lifetime of financial freedom?easily and automatically. The complete Automatic Millionaire Audio System is filled with critical tools and additional information you won't find anywhere else, including:

• 8 extraordinary audio sessions
• Exclusive Bonus Session: How to Put Your Financial House in Order
• Accompanying Workbook on CD-ROM
• Also get a FREE Latte Factor Travel Mug!

Best of all, with the Automatic Millionaire Audio System, you'll have David Bach as your personal, one-on-one financial coach. He'll be available to you whenever you need him, so you'll never forget your focus or lose momentum. You can check in anytime you want a strategy review, a shot of willpower, or a fresh does of inspiration. And you can listen anywhere - while you're commuting, traveling or even exercising!

9 Audio CDs (Audiocourse) & CD ROM workbook & Special tools

ISBN: 0974918903

Language: English
Genre: Business

David Bach - The Automatic Millionaire Home Study Course (2004) at
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