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Brian Tracy - Master Strategies for Higher Achievement (2005)
Set Your Goals and Reach Them Fast (Your Coach In A Box)

Master Strategies For Higher Achievement provides:

Advice and challenges that will help you move to the next level in life, to increase your personal value, and with it your personal fortune. You'll learn the master skills of success that will shift your personal potential from limited to absolutely unlimited.

In Brian's approach, the product that needs continually to be updated, to be frequently re-launched as "New and Improved", is you.

6 Audio CDs (Audiocourse)

ISBN: 1596590017

Language: English
Genre: Success

You'll learn amongst other things how to:

• Set Your Goals and Reach Them – Fast!
• Channel the natural flow of capital (from investors to good ideas) in your direction
• Use "Zero-Based Thinking" to organize your money and time
• Double the hit ratio on your goals using the GOSPA Model
• Trade time for money without giving up more than you can afford
• Use the "Four Key Questions" to continually evaluate your performance
• Achieve financial independence so that you never waste time on money worries
• Evaluate your progress using happiness as the inner barometer
• Allow ethical and spiritual development to fuel your development in all other areas.

To get where you want to go, you need a master plan and effective strategies to help you get there. Take complete control over your future – starting today! Learn how to position yourself as better than your competitors, determine the attributes you will be known for, create and build your own personal brand, increase your income rapidly, and much more.

Brian Tracy - Master Strategies for Higher Achievement (2005) at
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