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Anthony Robbins - Time of Your Life
In this age of abundance, the scarcest commodity of all is time. We all need and want more of it. But how do we go about getting it?

More than a decade ago, that very question sent world-renowned personal and professional strategist Anthony Robbins on a search for a truly effective time-management system. When he couldn't find one that enabled him to effectively and enjoyably manage the increasing demands of his life, he decided to create his own.

The result was the revolutionary Rapid Planning Method or RPM system, a Results-oriented, Purpose-driven, Massive-action plan for managing his personal and professional life. Anthony has been practicing and perfecting this system in his own life ever since - with unprecedented results. In The Time of Your Life , Anthony Robbins shares his personal system for total life management with you.

The Time of Your Life is a radically different approach that will empower you to:

• Transform a tangled, complex, or overwhelming task into a fun and useable plan.
• Liberate yourself from monotonous and time-consuming "To-Do" lists while accomplishing more, in less time, than ever before.
• Eliminate patterns of stress and replace them with patterns of fulfillment.
• Immediately focus on what matters most.
• Understand what you want and why you want it, and use that knowledge to achieve your desires with unprecedented speed.
• Free your mind of annoying details and interruptions so you can experience the peace of mind
you deserve.
• Genuinely enjoy the process of establishing, managing, and achieving your goals.

With Anthony Robbins as your personal coach, you'll master the RPM system and experience real achievement instead of mere movement. You'll eliminate overwhelming tasks, maximize your fulfillment, produce the results you truly desire in record time - and have a lot of fun doing it!

10 CD's, 180-Page Workbook, Summary Cards & RPM Sample Forms

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