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All videos in our "Luxury Video" section will be hosted from now on at Google Video or YouTube. This will increase their download speed.

9 new luxury videos have been added.

We have rearranged our "VIP Forum".

And a link to "TORADOS STUDIO" has been added to main left menu.
All our new films will be hosted in this section from now on.

Six new books have been added to "FREE ebooks for VIP".

A new movie "The Life Of My Dreams" has been added to our "Films for VIP" collection.

Now you can download free e-books on success, achievement and self-mastery in "FREE ebooks for VIP". This section has been just introduced, soon we will publish more books there.

"Links for VIP" has been added. There you will find links to some of the world's best sites about luxury, vip lifestyle, success ...

Our "VIP Forum" has been simplified: obsolete categories have been removed. Please feel free to leave your feedback, comments and suggestions here.

Now all blocks of MyVIPLife.com are fully functional. Several hundred items have been added to our "My Success", "VIP Life Stories" and "My Luxury" databases.

The website is being restructured and expanded. Soon "VIP Forum", "My Success" and "VIP Life Stories" will be fully functional. Note: in "My Luxury" only "Jets" and "Video" sections are available as of now.

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