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Aicon Yachts, with its head office in Giammoro, has been working for more than fifteen years in the field of interior furnishings, and in particular, in naval and motor yacht outfitting in wood, metal and composed materials.
Arcoa has a prestigious past. The brand which is the contraction of the words ARCACHON and COUACH, founded in 1946 by Guy Couach with his father, Albert Couach, who used to marinize Renault engines and install them on the hulls of traditional boats.
Atlantis revolutionizes standard concepts of quality of the Italian yachts. Sophisticated style taken care of by the most well known and established international designers, exclusive materials, innovations and hi-tech solutions.
De Birs Yachts is a Dutch yard that was reestablished in 1998 in the Amria Free Zone, Alexandria, Egypt by a group of U.S., European and Egyptian investors.
The sophistication of the details, the extremly high level of personalisation of the interiors will satisfy the most demanding needs.
Fairline Boats plc is regarded as one of the worlds most influential, experienced and respected powerboat builders.
Feadship has produced custom-built displacement motoryachts, which can range from 70 feet to their largest 282 foot "Ecstasea".
Lurssen has built some of the most magnificent yachts in history including, the 319' Carinthia VII, the 315' Limitless, the 377' Pelorus, and the 414' Octopus.
The Pershing Yacht story began in 1981 with wooden boats built by 3 seagoing fanatics, each with considerable yacht building experience and a passion for fast cruising yachts.
Princess Yachts International plc is one of the leading Powerboat builders in Europe and the largest production boat builder in the UK.
Instinctive innovation reflects the Sealine philosophy towards our development as a company and in the continuous development of our range of sports boats, flybridge cruisers, and luxury motor yachts.
Sessa Marine consider every target achieved as a starting point and not as an ending, with the aim to always improve.
Wally Yachts is the brainchild of Luca Bassani, a wealthy Italian yachtsman who wanted cruising comfort but was unwilling to give up performance.
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