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Fipa Italiana Yachts, builder of Maiora Yachts, was founded in 1981 by Francesco Guidetti to produce fiberglass hulls for other shipyards, but soon the production of the first Maiora yachts, ranging from 50' to 70', was started. In 1989, FIPA expanded its original Massarosa facilities to the Viareggio harbor, which allowed them to increase the size of Maiora yachts up to 105'. In 2001 more areas and facilities were developed in Massa, North of Viareggio, where FIPA now produces motor yachts between 96' and 150' and a new, unique line of sport cruisers ranging between 55' and 115' (AB Yachts). FIPA is today one of the most active yards in the Viareggio area producing over 30 yachts per year and recovering or servicing boats up to 150'.
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