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Guy Couach
Couach is a hundred-year-old company which designs, manufactures and sells top-end luxury cruising yachts. Specialists in composite luxury Yachts, the group is acknowledged as the only European shipbuilder to offer a prestigious clientele vessels combining safety, high technology equipment, sophistication, a wealth of details, and up-market services.
Guy Couach
The Guy Couach shipyard builds fast cruisers and luxury yachts up to 36 metres. Around twenty models make up the range, divided into 3 main categories: flying-bridges, opens, and yachts. The presented models form a basis for the development of each client's own specifications since each vessel is exclusively manufactured to order. They are an illustration of the exceptional know-how of the leading French yachting brand. Other models can be developed on special request; made-to-measure is the essence of the company's philosophy.
Guy Couach
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