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Cantieri di Pisa
A yacht by Cantieri di Pisa is easily recognizable thanks to the unmistakable design of its exterior lines, which is a real trademark that makes all the yachts by Cantieri di Pisa real masterpieces of naval architecture and design. This is the outcome of a constant work of restyling, combining the renewal with the preservation of the traditional features of the yachts by Cantieri di Pisa. And all this is possible only with an in-house work of design, using that incredible background that every single worker of Cantieri di Pisa treasures.
Cantieri di Pisa
Cantieri di Pisa build luxury yachts and luxury has always been synonymous with comfort. Especially as far as interior lay-outs, furniture and noiselessness are concerned. The interior lay-out is always the outcome of a subdivision of spaces whose aim is to provide the yachtsmen and his guests with wide spaces for the on-board life, even for the longest cruises. Furniture is realized by a staff of designers belonging to the Engineering Department establishment of Cantieri di Pisa but, by request of the yachtsman, it can also be realized by external interior designers.
Cantieri di Pisa
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