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1969 - Paolo Vitelli, before taking his University degree started his own company in Turin, Italy, The purpose of the business was to charter sailing boats. Therefore he transformed his passion into a business of luxury motor yachts. Amerglass, a modern Dutch shipyard producing boats in fibreglass, conferred the first dealership contract in Italy on the newly-founded power boat manufacturer Azimut. The business developed quickly, adding the distribution of sailing boats, motorcruisers and finally motoryachts from different makers: British Powles, Westerly, and others.
The product of a joint-venture with Amerglass, the first fibreglass motorcruiser developed, the AZ 43 BALI, was an instant success. The range of motorcruisers extended downwards with the introduction in 1977 of the AZ 32 Targa model: soon after, a full range of successful luxury Motorcruiser and Motoryacht models came onto the market.
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