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ARCOA has a prestigious past. The brand which is the contraction of the words ARCACHON and COUACH, founded in 1946 by Guy Couach with his father, Albert Couach, who used to marinize Renault engines and install them on the hulls of traditional boats in the basin of Arcachon. In 1948, ARCOA is the first company in the world to manufacture boats by using composite in mass-production, with a pinasse of 10.6 meters, made at more than 400 copies, more than 90% of which, are sold for exportation.
Until the mid-90s, ARCOA manufactured custom-made boats of 6 to 12 meters for the leisure industry and the administrations, coming both from the craft-industry and the industry. Synonymous with "avant-gardism" and reliability, the 50-year old brand has developed an excellent reputation through several thousands of boats built since its creation. The boats are well known for their elegant lines, see-worthiness, their comfort and their functionality. The Paris fire brigade and the fire department of the Leman lake have been equipped with ARCOA boats for the longest time. The brand ARCOA, which lasted in everyone's mind through a great number of units still in use, and thanks to the brand's lovers, has been re-launched in 2003 with a 12-meter Open. This yacht benefitting from pure and slender lines combines aesthetism, sport and technology. It's very quickly acclaimed by the media, appearing on the front cover of the most important nautical magazines. First unit in this size, infused for the hull and injected for the bridge, she reaches 40 knots, the weight gained by these technologies allowing to obtain those performances.
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