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The experience of designing and building nearly 30 superyachts since 1981 has made Amels a world leader in custom yacht building. Amels is now operating in a fully modernized facility that has built more than 400 naval and commercial ships since 1876. By any standard, this means that today's Amels is capable of delivering the highest quality superyachts in the industry.
Amels has indeed mastered the art of yacht building, creating fully customised luxury yachts up to 100 metres by applying advanced research and thorough testing, and by constantly raising its quality to set the standard for others, winning many coveted awards along the way. Now, to meet increasing demand by clients who seek to build a luxury yacht on a proven platform of Amels architecture, but in less time and with greater economy, Amels has introduced the innovative concept of LIMITED EDITIONS, embodied in the first of a new series, the AMELS 171. The Amels logo has come to stand for durability, security, beauty, comfort, and lasting value. It signifies one of the finest luxury yachts that people and machines can build together.
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