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Aicon Yachts, with its head office in Giammoro, has been working for more than fifteen years in the field of interior furnishings, and in particular, in naval and motor yacht outfitting (in wood, metal and composed materials). At present, Aicon employs 80 personnel, each with acquired experience, and extensive relationships established with skilled operators in the yacht building industry. They enjoy a competitive advantage that is derived from being located in Sicily, where yacht building has undertaken an important shift in development toward the construction of luxury motoryachts (from 14 to 35 meters). They expect to grow to over 250 employees over the next four years, with sales approaching 100 billion (Italian lire).
The Aicon shipyard is based in the industrial area of Giammoro, about 200 meters from the water. Aicon's production facilities cover approx. 39,000 square feet, with 14,00 under cover. The facilities house all fiberglass, stainless and joinery, along with the machinery and technology for processing timber and metal. CAD-CAM systems are used in the production of Aicon's line of yachts. To accommodate Aicon's growing line-up, they have acquired a well-known maintenance shipyard in Augusta for the production of semi-displacement yachts ranging from 100 to 130 feet. And in March of 2005, the Villafranca Tirrena site will host production of the new open series yachts.
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