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Yakovlev 42D
The Yak-42D version with increased flight range was put in serial production in 1988 after its certification was over. After that a number of improvements were introduced in Yak-42D aircraft design and its performances were remarkably enhanced: maximum take off weight rose up to 57,5 tons, the cruise flight height was increased up to 9 600 m, the aircraft could take off from airfields at the height of 2500 m and at ambient temperature of +45°C. The passenger cabin of aircraft can be adapted to customer requirements. Several cabin's arrangements are developed for 90 to 126 passenger capacity. The special VIP cabin layouts with variable passenger capacity can be developed for individual customer requirements.
Yakovlev Yak-40
Yak-40 is considered to be one of the best civil aircraft in Russia that combines comfort and reliability. The aircraft take-off mass and fuel capacity were increased up to 17,2 tons and 6 tons correspondingly that ensure range of flight up to 2500 km. Optionally, the passenger salon can be rearranged in different lay-outs to enhance comfort for VIP category with special place for Number 1 Person.
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