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Dassault Falcon
Falcon 50EX
The Falcon 50EX was designed to perform where other jets dare not go. Advanced powerplants and avionics technologies, together with legendary airport performance, deliver the only midsized jet capable of intercontinental reach as well as the use of back country airfields.
The Falcon 50EX flies eight executives 3,075 nautical miles at .80 Mach nonstop with NBAA IFR reserves with a fuel efficiency that makes the competition envious. It requires a mere 4,890 feet of runway even at maximum gross takeoff weight. It can cruise safely over open seas and isolated land with the reassurance a third engine provides. Crews appreciate its fully intercontinental capable avionics package based upon the Collins Pro-Line 4, with advanced symbology large tube EFIS displays.
Dassault Falcon
Dassault 7X
Combine Dassault's fighter jet prowess, its advanced research capabilities and its passion for innovation. The result is a breakthrough design and extraordinary capabilities. The Falcon 7X will fly faster, farther and higher than any Falcon we have ever built. Yet its agility and versatility will give you the unequalled performance both in the air and on the ground. The seven defining features of the Falcon 7X are:
1. High Speed and 5700 nautical mile non-stop range.
2. Uncompromising cabin comfort.
3. Unprecedented Value.
4. Innovative wing design and controls.
5. Unmatched reliability.
6. Dassault's Signature three-engine design.
7. Unbeatable versatility.
As you review the Falcon 7X information on this site, take note of how much capability has been designed into this airplane. Then compare it with any other corporate jet in the sky. Nothing else comes close.
Dassault Falcon
Falcon 900EX
The Falcon 900EX is designed to bring the world within your reach.
The 900EX flies 4500 nautical miles nonstop, the farthest in its class. And with its classic trijet engine design, the 900EX can use small airports at high altitudes, even on hot days. It's the most versatile aircraft and also one of the safest given its ability to fly slower on approach than its twinjet competitors.
A state-of-the-art flight deck offers pilots an uncompromising capability to monitor and control the progression of the flight while the spacious, state-of-the art cabin offers passengers the uncompromising capability to perform at peak levels while en route.
Dassault Falcon
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