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The Emirates Palace
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Welcome to Emirates Palace - an enchanting landmark that's a wonder to behold for all who venture through its magnificent gates. Fairytales come to life as your senses are treated to an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Breathe the air of luxury that fills every corner of this serene paradise. Feel the promise of a majestic experience fit for a king and deserving of an emperor. The Palace boasts 302 superior rooms and 92 magnificent suites each combining the ultimate in luxury with 22nd century technology.
Each of the exceptional rooms and suites will provide guests with uncompromising indulgence. These will include 302 luxury rooms, 40 splendid Khaleej suites, 4 Presidential suites, 16 Palace suites divisible into a total of 48 individual suites. Inside every room, the decor will be a masterful blend of Arabian regal splendour and the latest technology. Here every guest's needs will be anticipated, and exceeded. Decoration includes acres of gold leaf and the finest marble.
Your private palace within the Palace, the Palace Suites represent luxury at its finest with a spacious living area, elegant dining room and three regal bedrooms. A lavish entrance hall adorned with soft hues of gold and silver under Swarovski crystal chandeliers will lead you into a plush living room decorated in delicate yellow or blue silks and Daum crystal masterpieces followed by a dining room where elegance is the centerpiece and only the finest cuisine is served. The Palace Suite guest quarters include a magnificent master bedroom and two more bedrooms decorated in gentle tones, gold and silver leaf and rich marble with a spacious bath including jacuzzi and rain shower.
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