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Christian Dior is a French clothing retailer. The holding company's operating unit, Christian Dior Couture, designs and makes some of the world's most coveted haute couture, as well as luxury ready-to-wear fashion, menswear and accessories. Christian Dior operates about 160 boutiques worldwide with plans to open more in the coming years. Its headquarters are located in Paris, rue Francois 1er.
"My mother says that when I was little my grandfather used to take me and my cousins on one side after dinner and ask us what we wanted to be when he grew up, and I'd say 'Christian Dior'," recalled the French fashion designer Christian Lacroix." He was so famous in France at the time. It seemed as if he wasn't a man, but an institution." When Lacroix was growing up in Arles during the 1950s, Christian Dior was indisputably the world's most famous fashion designer. His name was known all over the world and his label accounted for half of France's haute couture exports. The Dior client list ran from Ava Gardner and Marlene Dietrich to Princess Margaret and the Duchess of Windsor.
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