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McLaren Cars (since renamed McLaren Automotive) is an automaker founded in 1990 with the object of producing road cars based on Formula One technology. It works closely with the Team McLaren Formula One constructor and is part of the McLaren Group. McLaren Cars' first product was the McLaren F1, a sports car and also a supercar priced at £640,000 (approx. US$ 1,150,000). The F1 was a three seat coupe with the driver situated in the middle of the car. The 6064 cc V12 engine, which produces 627 bhp (461 kW), was designed and built by BMW. Production of the original F1 began in 1992. The LM model was then introduced in 1995 and the GT model, in 1997. The GTR was built from 1995 through 1997.
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