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Alan Gibbs founded Gibbs Technologies in New Zealand in 1996. Initial concept work was undertaken in 1997 and 1998 in Detroit, USA. Recognising the potential for amphibian technology, he decided to build a production sports amphibian fully compliant with marine and road regulations. In 1999, excited by the technology, Neil Jenkins merged his business to form Gibbs Technologies Ltd UK and became Managing Director. The project was brought to the UK, the home of niche, low volume car manufacture and Formula 1 engineering. The team was formed that went on to design, develop and deliver the world's first high speed sports amphibian – the Aquada.
The Aquada is a revolutionary showcase of High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology. This radical new breed of vehicle has been precision engineered to the most exacting standards. It has undergone an extensive safety testing programme and complies with appropriate marine and road safety regulations. Entry to the water is via beach, boat ramp, slipway or directly from the water's edge. Once afloat, the transition from road vehicle to High Speed Amphibian (HSA) is effortlessly achieved.

Simply press a button and drive into the water. The wheels automatically rise and as you press the accelerator nearly a tonne of thrust pushes the Aquada onto the plane. The whole process takes less than 12 seconds. The Aquada can plane at over 30mph. Powerful enough to tow a water-skier and with a style and class of its own, the Gibbs Aquada is the perfect leisure vehicle. It combines the thrill of an open top car with the sheer exhilaration experienced in a high performance speedboat. The Aquada is the new name for freedom!
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