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Bentley is proud of its heritage, drawing inspiration from the past. But Bentley is also forward looking, positively embracing the future; seeking to combine the unique skills that are handed down through generations with the latest technology. In only a way Bentley can. Past heroes are emulated by the heroes of today; the Team Bentley drivers, the design team behind the new Continental GT, and the craftsmen and women at Crewe. The Legend continues.
Rolls-Royce merged the Bentley line into its own, so that the Bentley marque became just a Rolls-Royce without the distinctive grill and with a $300 lower price tag. In the 1980s, however, Bentley became a separate, high performance car line once again. The most notable car in the Rolls-Royce period was probably the Bentley Continental, which appeared in various forms from 1952 to 1965, and again in 1992 with production ending in 2003.
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