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The History of Ascari is rooted in motor racing heritage; Inspired and named after Alberto Ascari (1918 - 1955) who was the first double world Formula 1 champion. Born in Milan, Italy, Alberto had racing in his blood, as his father Antonio Ascari was a talented Grand Prix racing driver in the 1920's racing in Alfa Romeos. Envisioning a new kind of brand concept, RaceResortAscari was created to give a feeling of freedom in which the race and "relax duality" of life is integrated into a personal, exclusive and exciting experience.
Inspired by the achievements of Alberto Ascari, the first double world champion in the history of Formula One, the Ascari KZ1 gives unparalleled performance and driveability in one of the world's most exclusive supercars. A carbon fibre monocoque structure gives lightness and strength to the sleek mid-engined design, resulting in an aerodynamic drag coefficient (CD) ratio of a mere 0.35. Beautifully designed, hand-crafted and built to exceptional standards, the exclusivity of the Ascari KZ1 is assured by the creation of only 50 cars.

The opulent sporting interior cossets the driver in fully adjustable leather sports seats which give great lateral support during dynamic cornering. Uniquely designed polished aluminium controls sit on a leather trimmed dashboard with central 'Start' button emphasising our sporting heritage. Climate controlled air conditioning keeps the generous interior space cool no matter how hot the driving experience. Interior colour schemes match the exterior paint options and are entirely at the owners discretion, with all colour combinations offered for the ultimate in creating a bespoke supercar.
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