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Charles E. Merrill
"The interests of our customers MUST come first." – Charles Merrill's mantra to his brokers in the 1940s

Where are the Charles Merrills today when you need them?

Can you believe that Charles Merrill strongly urged all of his customers to sell in the year before the Great Crash? What's more, in the months before the crash in 1929, Merrill pleaded to President Coolidge to speak out against speculation in stocks, and at the same time Merrill liquidated his firm's stock portfolio. Merrill then transferred all his brokerage clients and employees to E.A. Pierce and went into semi-retirement. Talk about timing...

Imagine that happening today... the head of a Wall Street firm telling his clients to get out of stocks and use the proceeds to pay off their debts. It would be business suicide...

Or would it? Let's take a quick look at how Merrill put the customers first, giving them the chance to succeed in investing. Then we'll look what's wrong with the big Wall Street firms today, the potentially serious consequences to your portfolio, and what you can do to protect yourself.

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